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 The Art of Bakery & Confectionary: Master Class

Professional Baking Classes & Courses Delhi, Cake Decoration Classes Delhi  , Sugar & Fondant Craft Courses & Classes in Delhi , South Delhi , New Delhi, Cookery Classes Delhi i – La Palate Culinary Academy.

Our students start their  training with baking fundamentals , scaling and measuring techniques, kitchen terminology , with  practical skill training in pastry dough ,  artisan breads,  and batters, cookies, cakes, fillings, & icings.


Our Course is unique to make you understand now not only “How “ but “Why” of Baking,  after much deliberation with the stalwarts & professionals of the Bakery industry.We created our “ Become a Baker “ course to give you practical learning so that you can reach your goals in the shortest time possible. Our course is designed for individuals with all kinds of ability & skill set.




  • Learn Different Types of Cakes Sponges with bakery style Cake Decorations.

  • Cupcakes 

  • Pastries

  • Brownies

  • Eggless Baking 

  • Icing Sessions

  • Assorted Breads

  • Tiramisu

  • Soufflé

  • Dry Cakes

  • Cheese Cake

  • Lava Cake

  • Mousse Cake

  • Short Crust Paste

  • Flaky Paste

  • Choux Paste

  • Introduction to Butter Cream &  Fondant Decoration.








By the end of our course you will be familiar with all the tricks & tips of the bakery industry  and would be able to Mix and bake ingredients to produce breads, rolls, cookies, cakes, pies, pastries, or other baked goods with confidence , and you will be on your journey to be an entrepreneur  or a chef .



Is this Course for you ?
Our Course is perfectly designed for
-   who would like to Hobbist: Home cooks & master the fundamentals of baking & Learn the Bakery Style techniques from professionals and improve their knowledge and skill to handle any recipe in future.
Home Bakers looking to start their business.
Café & Bakery  Owners who would want to know more about baking & flawless baking techniques to lure their customers to the best they have to offer  
Learn Baking ,Cooking & Cake Decoration Classes in Delhi - La Palate Culinary Academy. New Delhi
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